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  • Free Four-Day Defensive Handgun Course!

    "Make America Safe Again!"

    Designed for private citizens who want a complete understanding of the defensive handgun and a skill level that surpasses 95% of the gun owning population.


    Freefourday.com is a third party seller to Front Sight Resorts providing defensive training courses, firearms rentals, and other assets. We promote American family values with an emphasis on safety, training, security, rugged individualism, and defending your right to protect yourself and your loved ones. Front Sight is the dominant force in personal protection and self defense.


    Spend an exciting weekend and learn life-saving skills!

    Protect yourself, your family, your home from life threatening circumstances.


    Individual attention is given by the world's best instructors, at the most


    comprehensive training resort of its kind in the world. Regardless of prior


    experience in self defense and personal safety training, whether you are an


    absolute beginner or a experienced professional. Front Sight Resort will train


    you to a higher level of competence than you ever thought possible, and you


    will naturally gain the confidence that comes with a complete understanding


    of firearms and tactics. You will have a combat mindset that will serve you


    should you ever have to rely on combat muscle memory.

  • Finest Instructional Staff in the Industry for Self Defense Training and Recreation!

    All courses open to private citizens and law enforcement alike.



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    Together, We Can Make America Safe Again!



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